Co-curricular awards evening


The Co-Curricular Evening celebrates the many co-curricular groups at Macleans College, ranging from sports to service and cultural groups.

Many elite athletes, musicians, artists, actors and more are acknowledged at this event for their effort, dedication and skill in their specialty areas. This year, the co-curricular night was held on Thursday the 13th of September.

There were four main prizegiving sections for the evening. The first section started at 5:30pm and consisted of Art, Dance and Drama in the Auditorium and Duke of Edinburgh in Hillary. The second section, which started at 6:25pm, included badminton, basketball, aerobics, music and kickboxing. The third section was the main co-curricular prizegiving where the top performer in each group was presented with a trophy for their efforts. Section four, starting at 8:15pm consisted of rugby, netball, girls/boys soccer and girls/boys hockey.

The News Committee was present during the Art, Dance and Drama prizegivings, the Music prizegiving and the main prizegiving. In the Art, Dance and Drama, many awards were given to students who had shown great contribution throughout the year. Many students received multiple awards; two of these students were Adam Berry and Idam Sondhi, who are both members of the 2012 News Committee. The Music prizegiving acknowledged students in the top performing music groups at Macleans College. There were also numerous shields given to students for best player, most improved and dedication awards. The recipients were extremely proud of their achievements.

Finally, in the main co-curricular prizegiving, students who were most outstanding in their groups received acknowledgement for their efforts. There was a large turn out of supporters and the atmosphere within the gymnasium was warm and lively. The night was a great success and extremely memorable, especially for those who won special awards. Prizegiving evening takes place annually and recognises and celebrates the many talented students at Macleans College, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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