Girls’ badminton places second


The Macleans College Girls Badminton A Grade team travelled down to Christchurch for the New Zealand Secondary Schools Nationals during tournament week.


The stormy weather and fork lightning along with the hail stones as big as ping pong balls did not stop them from achieving great results. They fought hard against top ranked Westlake School but had very close scores of 21- 18 and 21- 16. Macleans College won 5 out of their 6 ties and gained a well-deserved 2nd place.

Memories players cherish are the famous upside down cheesecake, the blue V drinks that kept them filled with energy and watching a building being destroyed in the Red Zone. The damage of earthquake could not be ignored and it seems it “happened just last week and not two years ago”, team captain Annika Andresen recalls.

The overall experience for this team would not have been possible without the assistance of Mrs O’Brien’s enthusiasm and support. Badminton for Annika Andresen, an experienced player since Year 7, “proves that the more time and hard work you put in the more you get out of it.” This keeps players motivated to do their best and put in the extra effort to achieve great results, as the Macleans College Girls Premier Badminton team have exemplified.

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