Two outstanding awards at music festival


‘The KBB Music Festival showcases secondary school orchestras, concert bands and jazz bands in Auckland.’ – KBB Music.

kbb2Photo by Bastian Tsui

This year, the KBB Music Festival took place in the middle of August and lasted about a week. Macleans College entered 6 music groups compete in this event and came away with very commendable results. The groups consisted of the Senior Concert Band, Macleans Symphony Orchestra, Macleans Chamber Orchestra, Stage Band, Symphonic Band and Sinfonietta. Two of the standout groups this year were the Macleans Concert Band and the Macleans Symphony Orchestra, both receiving the most prestigious prize in their respective categories.

The two groups are both conducted by the Head of Music, Mr. Nigel Weeks, and have regular weekly rehearsals. In order to receive these commendable results, all music students, regardless of what group they are in, spend many hours at home practicing for the lead up to this event. Before the competition, the music groups had also spent a weekend away at Camp Adair for two entire days of non-stop, intensive rehearsals. The students were said to be confident about doing their best at the competition this year.

When the results were announced, the Macleans pride and spirit erupted, as music students, teachers and supporters all jumped for joy after receiving two ‘most outstanding’ results, the only school to have done so. This is the 5th year the Macleans Senior Concert Band has won gold and 4th year that they have done so with most outstanding recognition. The Macleans Symphony Orchestra has received most outstanding awards for the past 5 years.

Macleans College is home to some of the best young musicians in the country who continuously put in plenty of hard work to consistently receive these highly commendable results. Being a part of the music whanau here at Macleans requires hours of practices and rehearsals. It is not simply a seasonal sport, but is a full year commitment that requires discipline and organization. The wonderful results received by the music groups are worth all the effort put in. For any student who would like to pick up an instrument or join a group, make sure you sign up at the Music Department whenever you can.

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