Night of Memories


The Intercultural Club “Night of Memories” started with good food and ended with dancing and hugs – a success, by any means.

The “Night of Memories” is an Intercultural Club tradition. This year was special as it was the 20th annual event, but this year was also a transitional period, with Ms Mouquet leaving the club, her pride and joy.

Held in Hillary House, and lasting one and a half hours, it was an intense night of remembrance and succession.

A shared lunch was the first call of duty for the Club’s members, who chose from multitudes of plates of the unhealthiest food ever. There was a dispute between who could go first. Those with authority, the teachers, exclaimed that they should be first and proceeded to dig in – with just a hint of a smug look on their faces. After this, a scramble for the remaining food was exacerbated by a 15 minute window – not nearly enough time for hungry young people to eat.

Riki Fujii, the outgoing President, made a speech. She talked about her pleasure at being the club leader for the year and went on to say that she couldn’t have achieved anything this year without the help of her dedicated executive team and the hard work of the club members.

Following this, Excellence badges were awarded to club members for participation and effort.

Riki then read out a farewell statement from Ms Mouquet. Executive members received more tokens of appreciation and then announced those who would acquire leadership positions for the following year.

The announced Intercultural Club Executive for 2013:

President Andrew Wang Mansfield
Vice-President Pari Tarapore Upham
Treasurer Brandon Lin Upham
Events Co-ordinator Andrea Stiglingh Mansfield
Secretary Jennifer Zhan Mansfield
Associates Leader Dianna Gui Rutherford

Due to Pari Tarapore leaving for university, the final Intercultural Club Executive for 2013 became:

President Andrew Wang Mansfield
Vice-President Andrea Stiglingh Mansfield
Treasurer Vivian Hwang Te Kanawa
Events Co-ordinator Brandon Lin Upham
Secretary Jennifer Zhan Mansfield
Associates Leader Dianna Gui Rutherford

The Intercultural Excellence badges were awarded to the following club members:

African Keon Visser, Alison Price
Anime Joe Wei, Wendy Fan, Minnie Zhou
Arts & Crafts Jasdeep Singh, Deborah Yi
Ballroom Andrea Stiglingh, Ada Song
Chinese Kendra Solomon, Wendy Fan
Chinese Chess Kathy Hu, William Li
Chinese Flag Dance Lucille Liu, Sylvia Tseng
Chinese Girl’s Dance Vivi Wang, Angela Zhang
Filipino Alyssa Adia, Jeanne Atiwag
French Elva Lin, Maathannge Sivakumaru
Fundraising Eliza Chen, Jaemin
German Jacob Beal
Indian Dance Sweksha Misra, Jessica Wong
Indian & Sri Lankan Wanying Liang
Intercultural Choir Erica Anacan, Justine Tacang
Japanese Kooshan Aryana, Eric Pan
Kia Ora Yilin Huang, Jeffery Pian
Korean Hayley Cho, Ji Won Choi
Korean Dance Sunny Chan
Korean Drums Christina Ro, Jane Lee
Lion Dance Bronson Lum, Michael Wu
Malaysian & Sing. Muhammad Jamal, Wei Jun Teo
Media Affairs Wendy Li, Ben Crossley
Model UN Shivon Kiew, Jake Wang
Taiwanese Cindy Chang, Cliff Chen

Article by Chris Yang. Photos by Andrew Wang and Drew Cannon.

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