Park(ing) day

25.09.12 /
By SuYoung Lee /

On the 21st of September, the Macleans Environmental group organized the park(ing) day event in the car park opposite the Art Block.

DSC00119Photos supplied

This was part of a global event, where for one day, people transformed car parks into actual parks for people to enjoy, raising awareness about the space that is wasted and the importance of sustainable transport.

Potted trees and flowers were placed around the designated area and there was a successful sausage sizzle. To raise further awareness, there was also a quiz students could fill out about the number of cars in New Zealand and the impact this has on the environment. Prizes were given out to anyone who could answer at least one question correctly.

This event was one of the many activities the Environmental Group took part in this year as a Travelwise school, trying to reduce the use of cars and encourage more environmentally friendly means of transport. Activities to support this included transport surveys and the Bikers’ Breakfast earlier in the year.

The group hopes to continue their efforts in 2013 in both raising awareness and taking action.

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