Volunteering at Motuihe Island

25.09.12 /
By SuYoung Lee /

On the 23rd of September, volunteers from the Macleans Environmental Group went to Motuihe Island to help prepare seedlings in the nursery so that they can be planted next year.


The group went across to the island on a hired boat, and the students listened to the importance of preserving the island, especially as a home for sea birds. After helping with the planting the students were taken on a walk to see parts of the island, introduced to the various ways they monitored the birds such as cameras on bird feeders and penguin boxes.

The students all enjoyed the trip, which was one of the few trips the group had organized this year. This was the second trip to Motuihe this year, and in the first the students helped dig homes for the precious tuatara that were being introduced to the island.

The Environmental Group is also involved in beach clean ups and planting trees in the Macleans Reserve, and encourages many students to take part.

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