Countdown to Ball!


For many of us, the countdown to the ball has officially begun! For girls it probably would have started several months go when the excitement of the holidays had vanished and it was time to return to school. For boys it will probably begin about a week before the ball when mum reminds you its time to get a haircut!


Although the ball is a time filled with lots of excitement, it also comes with a mountain of stress. Being a girl, there is about a million and one things to think about; hair, make-up, nails, shoes and of course, the dress! But that’s not to say Boys don’t have a lot on their plates approaching the ball as well.

Following along the traditional lines of ‘it’s weird if a girl asks a boy on date’, Boys feel that they have to be the ones to take on the challenge of asking a girl a girl to the ball. But that doesn’t have to be the case. We live in modern times where girls can acceptably wear pants and the word ‘sup’ is used on a daily basis, so being the one to ‘man-up’ or ‘woman-up’ in this case, and asking a boy to the ball should not be a big deal. Ball dates does not have to be a romantic affair either, sometimes its nice to go with a friend simply for the benefit of photos or having someone to get you a corsage- these are a must whether as dates or just friends!

But at the same time don’t feel as though it’s compulsory to have a date. Going to the ball with the girls or the boys is just as much fun, its important to mingle with as many people as possible once you’re there- this may be the only time you see everyone so dressed up!

So a few last pieces of must have advice-organise everything as early as possible when it comes to transport, hair or make-up as these things book out fast. But when it comes to the dress girls, take the time to find one you really love, don’t feel as though you have to settle on an ‘okay’dress simply to get it out of the way. And when it comes to the theme, it is not compulsory to dress to it, although there is an award for best dressed to the theme, which by the way, even though it is burlesque, does not require you to wear limited clothing, this is a formal occasion! But most importantly, have loads of fun and take plenty of photos, the ball is definitely not a night to forget.

By Maddi Palmer

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