Easter egg hunt (+video)


The annual school-wide Easter egg hunt was held on Thursday March 28, 2013, and was organised and ran by a group of school prefects.

Many poker chip tokens were hidden around the school. During interval and lunch, students lucky enough to find a token could redeem them for free chocolate Easter bunnies at the amphitheatre.

There were also ten green tokens, which entitled the finder to a larger chocolate bunny, and one grand prize, a huge golden bunny. This prize could only be found by solving a clue posted in the daily notices, which read “Treasure’s value – why?”. The answer was “Goldsworthy”, which is the name of a teacher at the school. The winner of the golden bunny was SuYoung Lee, of Mansfield house.

The event was co-ordinated by the Project Group, a group of school prefects dedicated to organising events every term for the enjoyment of students.

Video by Michelle Huang. Article by Frank Zhou.

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