Lipsync finals (video)
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Lipsync finals (video)

12.04.13 The lipsync finals were held on April 11, 2013, between Te Kanawa, Rutherford, Mansfield and Batten houses. Rutherford were crowned the winners. Second place was awarded to Batten, while Mansfield came third. The house lipsync competition is an initiative of Hillary house to fundraise for their house charity, the Himalayan Trust. The banner image … Continue reading

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Blood bank donations

12.04.13 The annual blood donations were held at Macleans College on the 9th and 10th of April, with many people volunteering to give blood. Anosh Wadia donating blood. Photo supplied. Blood bank. The peculiar human institution of giving up your own blood, willingly, in order to potentially save another’s life. If you think about it, … Continue reading