Selling roses for charity (+video)


Over 300 roses were delivered around the school on Thursday April 4, 2013 to raise funds for Mansfield house charities.

Naa-Eun Kim, Academic captain of Mansfield house, remembered that back in 2009 people could order a rose to be delivered to a friend or a special someone, and was keen to revive the idea.

“I initially thought of the roses as a way for people to ask each other to the ball,” Naa-Eun said. “I told Mr Davidson [the Mansfield house leader] at camp, we thought it would be great as a Mansfield House fundraiser, and it just went from there”.

For two weeks in late March, people came to the amphitheatre to fill in order forms with who they wanted the rose to be sent to, what colour rose they wanted, and what message they wanted to be attached. Each rose was four dollars, and the profit was to go to a good cause: the Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind.

When the orders were completed, a group of helpers set about preparing for delivery day. Heart shaped cards were cut out, unique designs were drawn on, and the messages were painstakingly written on. When the roses arrived on the day before delivery, many school and house prefects, friendly helpers and Mr Davidson spent their Wednesday afternoon pruning roses, wrapping them in cellophane, and attaching the ribbons and messages.

On delivery day, several male prefects dressed up as stylish ‘cupids’. Accompanied by many other helpers, they went to each house during form time to deliver the roses. The surprised joy of receiving an unexpected gift was evident throughout the whole school. Two people received bouquets of thirteen roses, and one received a bouquet of sixteen roses!

Video and article by Frank Zhou.

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