Perfect prefects’ assembly (+videos)


On Friday the 12th of April, the first prefects’ assembly of the year was held. It was planned less than two weeks in advance but went without a hitch.

 The mini-choir performance of “Epitaph to Mrs Freland”

The assembly included a mini-choir performance, several skits, and a video on uniform and appearances, which was perhaps semi-risque but overall very fun and entertaining. The background music choices for the presentation were adept and appropriate as well.

The assembly concluded with the prefects all dancing together to “We’re All In This Together” from High School Musical.

Let’s hope the next prefects’ assembly will be just as great, if not better!

 Highlights from the prefect assembly

Article by Chris Yang. Video footage by Saffron Huang, Drew Cannon, Chris Yang and Daisy Huang. Mini-choir video edited by Frank Zhou. Prefects’ Assembly video edited by Saffron Huang.

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