Prizes at accounting seminar

On the last day of term one, the AS and A level accounting students attended a seminar held by the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountancy. There were many interesting guests who elaborated on what being an accountant in this day and age really is like. The panellists talked about the transferability and international recognition that having a chartered accountancy background brings. They also discussed … Continue reading Prizes at accounting seminar

Duke of Edinburgh training tramp

17.04.13 On Friday the 5th of April, 51 enthusiastic Duke of Edinburgh students went to Waharau, in the Hunua Ranges, for their adventurous journey training. This practical training weekend was preceded by the theory training, held at Hillary Commons, on the 25th of March. It was to be a two-night stay, with the students arriving at the campsite on Friday evening and departing on late … Continue reading Duke of Edinburgh training tramp