Prizes at accounting seminar

On the last day of term one, the AS and A level accounting students attended a seminar held by the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountancy.


There were many interesting guests who elaborated on what being an accountant in this day and age really is like. The panellists talked about the transferability and international recognition that having a chartered accountancy background brings. They also discussed the large salaries that come with the job.

The most memorable speaker would have to be Skye, who cited the people management and financial analysis skills needed. This, she says, is what makes the field highly competitive. She said that accounting could also bring multiple travelling opportunities.

It makes you wonder why only sixteen students in year thirteen take A level accounting at Macleans, if this field is so versatile and well paying.

After the presentations, questions were asked and Macleans College won one out of the two prizes for the school: copies of ‘Market Share’ a commerce board game to do with commerce, similar to Monopoly.

After the questions, New York style pizza was offered to us. We left in high spirits, along with a full stomach, a satiated brain and perhaps a brighter future as a chartered accountant.




Article by Chris Yang. Edited by Frank Zhou.

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