MASH Week (Happiness Week)

This past week, your illustrious School Prefects hosted MASH week! For those of you not in the know, it stands for Mediators against Student Harassment. This event mainly involved giving compliments, which without a doubt would have brightened the days of many. Here is a survivor’s journal of this week’s events. Day One – Prefects woke up early in the morning and despite some groaning … Continue reading MASH Week (Happiness Week)

National finals for Shakespeare festival

A group of 14 actors travelled down to Wellington on May 31, 2013 for the national finals of the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival. The festival began at Wellington East Girls High School with a variety of workshops covering a variety of Shakespearean acting topics including stage combat, history and Japanese Kyogen. After these workshops, the group was treated to a thought-provoking and entertaining performance of … Continue reading National finals for Shakespeare festival

Blog: To change the world

Do you ever wonder if you have the capability to change the world? Have you looked at those big names – Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill – and asked: “Why can’t I make the same difference to humanity?” I believe that everyone can and is changing the world. Every single tiny human interaction actually has enormous impetus. From how I see it, whenever you … Continue reading Blog: To change the world

Opportunities for young writers!

Now that exams are over, you might be in search of something to do with all that free time you have from not studying. While being on Facebook, or watching yet another episode of your favourite TV show after telling yourself you would stop a few hours back sounds appealing, you could also be doing something else. Have you ever thought that you could come … Continue reading Opportunities for young writers!

Selection for the National Shakespeare Schools Production

A week after the SGCNZ University of Otago Sheilah Winn Shakespeare festival in 2012, I received a call from the lovely Dawn Sanders, the CEO.  I was informed that I had been selected to be a part of the SGCNZ NSSP. The only thing I could think of doing at that very moment was to jump around screaming like a 12 year old fan-girl, which … Continue reading Selection for the National Shakespeare Schools Production

Spectacular wins at barbershop regionals

The Macleans College Barbershop girls’ chorus, Macapella, attended the annual Young Singer’s in Harmony Auckland Regional competition on June 14, 2013. They placed first in the women’s chorus division and as well as first and third in the women’s quartet division. The chorus consists of approximately 70 girls, and is led by Melody Lowe, who is also the director of the Greater Auckland Chorus. The … Continue reading Spectacular wins at barbershop regionals

Doubts kill more dreams than failure ever will

We are taught from the day we were born that failure is not an option. We live every day of our lives in constant fear of impending failure, which society has taught us to confuse with impending doom. But failure is an integral part of eventual success. No one ever got anywhere without failing at something at least once.Although the concept of failure would imply … Continue reading Doubts kill more dreams than failure ever will

Careers Evening

On June 11, 2013, the annual Careers Night was held at Macleans College. Cars and people crowded around the school in the dark, eager to attend the talks that could possibly determine their future. All Year 12 and 13 students were strongly encouraged to attend, and parents were welcome to join them. Speakers from both New Zealand and overseas universities were there, ready to provide … Continue reading Careers Evening

Students debate global issues

There was a high turnout of Macleans students at the Model United Nations “Non-Aligned Movement” conference on May 25, 2013. The “Non-Aligned Movement” is an organisation within the UN composed entirely of countries with no allegiance to one of the world “superpowers” such as Russia, China or the United States. It was created during the Cold War for countries that did not want to be … Continue reading Students debate global issues

Entering the dragons’ den

On June 4, 2013, seven Young Enterprise companies presented their business strategy to a panel of judges at the preliminary Dragons’ Den competition. Anxiety was high, and many groups squeezed last minute practice in the foyer. Group after group entered the dark, concealed conference room, giving polished presentations of less than 5 minutes and 30 seconds in length. They discussed their product design, their marketing strategy … Continue reading Entering the dragons’ den