Burlesque ball


On the morning of May 11th 2013 it was raining, much to the dismay of the 824 students attending the ball that night. However, the weather was on our side and the sun soon shone through. After a day spent getting hair and make-up done (if you were a girl) or 20 minutes putting on a suit if you were a boy, students began arriving at the ball around 7pm. This year’s theme of Burlesque was on full display with a photo room set up with burlesque themed props and an amazing dance performance by Beat Street Dance Studio.

There were 8 awards that went out on the night to well-deserving recipients. The recipients of the King and Queen awards went to Adam Payne and Avia Ben-Harosh. The two best personality awards went to Caela Groenwald and Ashley Mardon. Braidan Bones was the best dressed male while the best dressed female award went to Esa-Jayne Peika. Mrs O’Brien took out the best dressed Teacher award.

After a long night of dancing, taking photos and eating the amazing dinner and dessert that were provided, students left Sky City Convention Centre feeling exhausted but still in high-spirits. However, the best part of the night was simply seeing everyone dressed up and looking absolutely incredible. The outstanding effort put in by the Ball Committee definitely paid off, making the Macleans College Ball 2013 an extremely enjoyable experience for all who attended.

Article by Maddi Palmer. Edited by Keniel Yao.

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