Entering the dragons’ den

On June 4, 2013, seven Young Enterprise companies presented their business strategy to a panel of judges at the preliminary Dragons’ Den competition.

Anxiety was high, and many groups squeezed last minute practice in the foyer.

Group after group entered the dark, concealed conference room, giving polished presentations of less than 5 minutes and 30 seconds in length. They discussed their product design, their marketing strategy and their finance records, among other things.

After the oral presentations, Recognise and Fruition were chosen to go to the regional finals to be held on June 10. Here, they competed against fourteen other companies from the South-East Auckland region at the Vodafone Pacific Events Centre.

Recognise’s products were scented candles which came in three different aromas. Fruition, on the other hand, demonstrated innovation with their three dimensional food pyramid educational toy.

The other companies presented well about a variety of products. These included albums, pendants, natural energy drinks and camera straps. The competition was becoming fierce.

Macleans ended up heavy-hitters in the awards department. Recognise won the best business plan award for their comprehensive written detail, while Verge, another Macleans company, received a ‘highly commended’ award.

Verge’s business card design received further compliments from the judges.

Fruition’s oral presentation was also ‘highly commended’.

With such positive results this year, one can only imagine the possibilities for Macleans at next year’s Dragons’ Den!

Article by Chris Yang. Photography by Andrew Wang, Leon Hu and Shaanil Senarath. Edited by Frank Zhou.

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