Doubts kill more dreams than failure ever will

We are taught from the day we were born that failure is not an option. We live every day of our lives in constant fear of impending failure, which society has taught us to confuse with impending doom. But failure is an integral part of eventual success. No one ever got anywhere without failing at something at least once.Although the concept of failure would imply the opposite, failure is truly the ultimate path to success.

Doubt, on the other hand, is a lesser known evil. The second you begin to doubt yourself, doubt your abilities, your morals, you begin to lose touch with who you are. And nothing could be scarier.Doubt, in reality, is more dangerous to our dreams than failure is. If we doubt our dreams, or doubt our capability to reach those dreams, we lose the all-important core essence of our ability to look forward to tomorrow: hope. Without hope, we have no ability to attempt things we dream of doing, leaving no opportunity for success or failure, only a lost opportunity for both.

Do not be afraid of failure. As a matter of fact, be open to attempting things where you might find failure, because you will learn more along the way than if you were to sit around afraid to go out and do something.Quit doubting your abilities; every person is capable of great things, so go out and do something great with your life!

Written by:Drew Cannon

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