MASH Week (Happiness Week)


This past week, your illustrious School Prefects hosted MASH week! For those of you not in the know, it stands for Mediators against Student Harassment. This event mainly involved giving compliments, which without a doubt would have brightened the days of many.

Here is a survivor’s journal of this week’s events.

Day One – Prefects woke up early in the morning and despite some groaning and complaining, they dutifully came to school at 6.30am. They were busy sticking post-it notes all over the school scrawled with cheesy pick-up lines and idle compliments to make everyone feel wanted and loved <3.

Day Two – Chains of friendship, assembled with messages written by each and every student, were put up in the houses to promote interactivity and to generally improve everyone’s day! This was similar to what was done on Day One, but these stayed up the whole week for everyone to enjoy whereas some students were able to take their favourite notes home on Day One.

Day Three – The House assemblies were usurped by the House prefects and were carried out with the theme of happiness in mind: incorporating videos, interactive events and inspirational stories to spice up the typical Wednesday assemblies. TK and Kupe even had an inter-house competition in the gym!

The inter house competition between Kupe and TK was thought up between Bradley and Tom as they thought it would be a nice change for the house and to get a bit of competition between the houses.

“We started off just doing normal house notices and then moved onto the house shootout where each year level versed each other to see who could get the most shoots in a set amount of time. Every one tied and it came down to the Year 13s and even they tied so there was a penalty shootout between Mr Far and Mr Day. Mr far won, instilling Kupe pride!” – Alix Muir, Kupe House Captain

Day Four – On this particular day, everyone dressed up in colourful mufti. The mufti day involved donating money to a school in India and the individual house charities, and spreading joy all around New Zealand and the world.

Finally, on Day Five – The school travelled down to the Amphitheatre to collect compliment bracelets and free hugs :). Upbeat music played while people guessed and fished with chopsticks for candy. Many people embraced the mood of happiness and large crowds came to turn their potential frowns upside down, taking snapshots in the photo booth!

This is the first year MASH week has been held at Macleans and it was successful in the eyes of many students. Hopefully, this event can carry on next year and become a tradition at Macleans that the Macleans Prefects continue annually.

Article Written by Chris Yang. Article Edited by SuYoung Lee. Video by Michelle Huang.


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