Senior production – “Candide”

This year, Macleans College performed ‘Candide’ for their senior production, which was held from the 14th to 16th of May. Candide has a very erratic and fast-moving plot, describing the journey one man, Candide, who learns about the hardships of the real world. The French satire was performed very successfully; with the lead, Kieran Bevan, convincingly portraying the change in Candide-from naive optimist to eventual realist. … Continue reading Senior production – “Candide”

Thinking skills conference

On the 9th of May, sixteen students, accompanied by two teachers, attended the BIG Thinker’s conference at St Cuthbert’s College. The BIG Thinker’s Conference allowed students to broaden their horizons and learn more about psychology, philosophy and technology. It included two guest speakers: Julie Arliss, who runs philosophical conferences all over Australasia as well as the UK; and Jeffery Hodges, a performance consultant who helps … Continue reading Thinking skills conference