The spirit of adventure

Chris Yang interviews Lianne Mellin, a year 12 student in Batten house, about her time on the Spirit of Adventure ship.

Chris: What is the Spirit of Adventure?

Lianne: The Spirit of Adventure Trust is a youth organisation that helps to build leadership qualities in the young people of New Zealand. People aged 15-18 get to spend 10 days on a ship learning how to sail it, improving their leadership skills and making lifelong friendships The ship is called “The Spirit of New Zealand” and is the Trust’s second ship.

C: How was the experience?

L: When people ask me “How was your trip on the Spirit?” my first answer is always “It was the best thing I have ever done!”. Whilst on the Spirit, we learnt how to sail the incredible pirate-looking ship, we played many deck games, learnt how to tie tons of different knots, had a movie night, climbed to the top of the mast, rowed rafts, sailed mini sail boats, swam around the ship every morning, walked the plank, swung on the yard swing, went tramping, cleaned up beaches, saw dolphins, whales, sharks, fish and penguins and even had a campfire.

C: Were there any moments that were funny or memorable?

L: Everything we did on and off the ship was fun. Even the cleaning of the ship was enjoyable! I felt like Cinderella when I had to get on my hands and knees to scrub the deck :) Most of the funny things that happened on board are not funny to others as they are mainly inside jokes… although, I can tell you now, I think I laughed more than I ever have whilst I was on board.

C: What was the social side of the trip like?

L: I have made lifelong friends whilst on my voyage. There were 40 trainees who went on the 10 day voyage – 20 females and 20 males. We were also given diaries with spaces to write down everybody’s contact details so we all still stay in touch!

C: Would you recommend Spirit of Adventure to others?

L: I would definitely suggest the voyage to absolutely anybody! I like to say: “If you want to go on the Spirit, do it. If you’re not sure, do it. And if you don’t want to go on a voyage, do it anyway!”.

C: If people wanted to sign up, how would they apply?

L: If you’re keen on going on a voyage, you can talk to or email Mrs Dorey, the Batten House Leader, as she is the Macleans College school co-ordinator. Her email address is Alternatively, you can go to their website, located here. It costs $1800, however, Macleans does give you a subsidy.

C: Any final words?

L: Whilst on the Spirit, you learn so much about yourself, the people around you and how to sail the ship. It is definitely something you should try to do. I personally feel as if it has changed my life for the better.

Interview and transcript by Chris Yang. Edited by Frank Zhou.

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