The Amazing Race

  The Macleans School Prefects organised an Amazing Race which took place on July 10, 2013. It was planned by the Prefects’ Project Group which aims to provide fun events for the school every term, and who were also responsible for many other previous events such as the Easter Hunt and the Weetbix Competition. The Amazing Race was another successful event that was a fun way to finish Term 2. 

amazing race

At the beginning of lunchtime on the day, around twenty five teams of four which had signed up for the event eagerly arrived at the Amphitheatre. From there, the teams undertook various activities. There was an art challenge, where the contestants were expected to guess the word from a series of pictures; a basketball challenge where each team needed to successfully shoot five times from the free throw line; an eating challenge in which one of the team members had to eat a marmite and mustard sandwich as quickly as they could; a science challenge in which teams had to complete a multiple choice test consisting of 20 questions on science; a geography challenge which required the teams to list thirty countries as fast as they could and finally, a three-legged race with the teams splitting into pairs and making their way through the obstacle course set up in the Amphitheatre.

Naa-Eun Kim, one of the Prefects who helped organise the event, explained the overall atmosphere of the Amazing Race: “Everyone seemed to be so excited and revved up before the race started. Despite not winning, all the teams had so much fun completing each of the missions. It was great to see the event be so successful – it made our Project Group, as well as the other Prefects who helped, feel fantastic.”

Of course, there had to be a winner – the team that won the Macleans Amazing Race of 2013 was the Awesome Foursome, made up of Keniel Yao, Rosie Hubbard, Natalie Wilson and Vamsi Manniam. The Dream Team won second place, which included Amanda Lee, Chloe Venter, Rachel Lamacraft and Weina Huang.

Members of the Awesome Foursome expressed their delight at winning. Vamsi Manniam commented that “Physically I was at my best as usual. I enjoyed winning and showing that seniors are superior.” Keniel Yao also gave his opinion about the event: “It was a fantastic way of ending my term. I had a lot of fun with the team doing the challenges, and winning just made everything that much more awesome.”

Article by: Su Young Lee

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