Multiculturalism through food

2013-06-26 08.18.30

On Wednesday, June 26, 2013, Macleans students and teachers left their lunch boxes at home and brought loose change for a feast at the annual Intercultural Food Festival.

Organised by the Intercultural Club Committee, this annual event had cultural cuisine from over 13 cultures ranging from Korean BBQ skewers, pearl milk tea, sushi and curry, to crepes, waffles and nachos.

With massive crowds flocking to the Amphitheatre to get a taste, the Food Festival was a huge success. Teachers scrambled to get their share while students also tried a bit of everything, saying they “loved the milk tarts” while others said they “had eaten three Taiwanese sausages already”.

This year’s event was the largest in recent memory, with a record amount of money raised towards the Intercultural fund. The fund is used for buying new equipment and running future events for the committee’s 27 cultural groups.

It was a great opportunity to celebrate Macleans College’s multicultural diversity. What better way to do that than through delicious food!

Video by Saffron Huang. Article by Andrew Wang.

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