Award-winning dancing

This year’s Stage Challenge again came first in their Raw division with their dance interpretation of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory story.


In the Raw division, props and sets aren’t used, placing increased emphasis on choreography and costume.

The group’s performance and story tackled present-day social issues regarding child poverty. For example, 1 in 5 New Zealand households do not have enough food to properly feed their families.

The performance contrasted the poverty of Charlie with four privileged leads who also go into the factory with him. This gave diversity and power to the performance, allowing for five differing styles of dance.

This year was especially hard won because the team had lost their first place streak last year in 2012. They also had many personnel changes: Ms Kelly took over the management of the group and choreographers had to be switched up a few weeks in.

However, the team had great leadership from veteran dancers, such as Rachel Lamacraft and Sophie Gleason, who were the head choreographer and student administrator respectively. Other choreographers were Natalie Wilson, Rochelle Fisher, Helena Ireland, Lucy Peters, Madi Page, Esa Jayne Peika, Olivia Martin and Georgia Hanley.

The event co-ordinators told Ms Kelly that the Macleans performance was the best Raw division performance that they had ever seen.

The Stage Challenge crew came back victorious and were showered with praise by both staff and peers alike. They concluded their year with a performance at the annual Gala Concert on August 5 to a fascinated crowd.


Article by Chris Yang. Article edited by Frank Zhou. Photos courtesy of Stage Challenge.

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