Another fond night of memories


“Night of Memories” is an Intercultural Club tradition. As well as being the 21st anniversary of this event, this year was also a transitional period, where Mrs Bowie took over the supervision of the Intercultural club system from long-serving Mrs Mouquet.

Held in Rutherford house, the one plus hours event was more of an “Afternoon of Memories” showing a deep severing of tradition perhaps linked to the new manager.

Food was a big part of the event – 30 pizzas were shipped in, grabbed and devoured in a matter of minutes.  Everyone mingled within the crowd, pizza in in one hand and soft drinks in the other, conversing and getting comfortable.

Then a slew of speeches and gifts came. Mrs Bowie was first: she thanked and gave gifts to each of the executive members of 2013. She reminded the attendees of the challenges faced in this year of transition.

Andrew Wang, the outgoing president, then requited the thanksgiving with the ICC’s own gifts – flowers and a photo album – quite fitting considering the event being called the “Night of Memories”.

Following this, Excellence badges were awarded to club members for participation and effort. Each club presented one or two badges along with a speech: some awkward, some highly entertaining.

The executive for 2014 was announced afterwards, with the team for 2013 bowing out and handing the reins of the club to the new co-ordinators.

The Intercultural Club Executive for 2014:

President Lucille Liu (Hillary)
Vice President Jay Fujii (Rutherford)
Events Coordinator Brandon Lin (Upham)
Treasurer Dianna Gui (Rutherford)
Secretary Sweksha Misra (Kupe)
Associates Leader Aditi Gorasia (Rutherford)

The recipients of the Excellence badges were:

African Murray Boucher, Vlnkata Athi, Kooshan Aryana
Anime Minnie Zhou, Michael Herman
Arts & Crafts Jocelyn Cheng, Katherine Chen
Associates Aishwarya Gopalaknshnan, Jade Shum, King-Sau Yik
Ballroom Dance Andrew Usher
Chinese William Li, Wendy Fan
Chinese Chess Catherin Chen, Kelvin Cheung
Chinese Flag Dance Emmelin Ling, Rachel Wang
Chinese Girls’ Dance Jiayi Yang
Intercultural Choir Khorshed Tarapore
Filipino Luke Canes, Tian Cai
French Joan Wickham, Janeesha Veeranah
Fundraising Aditi Gorasia, Christine Shao
German Murray Boucher
Indian and Sri-Lankan Himmat Bawa
Indian Dance Anushka Daga, Arshia Saluja
Japanese David Chou
Kia Ora Benjamin Collins
Korean Larry Choi, Hannak Kim
Korean Dance Anthea Cheong, Joyce Chen
Korean Drums Jisu Kang, Robert Kim
Lion Dance Jade Shum, Maggie Chen
Malaysian Singaporean Benjamin Yi, Hong Lin
Media Affairs Saffron Huang
Model UN Bronwyn Tilney, Nadya Fauzia
Spanish Jessica Russell , Camille Zhang
Taiwanese Andrew Jiang, Tommy Choi


Written by Chris Yang. Edited by Keniel Yao.

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