Music to end the year


Last Friday was a sombre day for the leaving year 13s of Macleans music as they waved their friends goodbye at the annual Leavers’ Concert.

The concert, completely student-organised and led by Naa-Eun Kim, was not just to commemorate the senior performers for their contribution but also to wish farewells to Mr Weeks and the students staying behind. Indeed, Mr Weeks was the focus of much attention, receiving many gifts throughout the concert – including a Kangaroo onesie!

Each leaver wore a costume of a famous musical figure of their choosing. The most memorable included the four members of KISS, the Phantom of the Opera, Beethoven, Freddie Mercury, Elvis and even Nyan Cat. A great response was had from the crowd of around 200 as the leavers performed a dance to various songs representing their costumes. Some of the songs integrated into a mix tape made by Esa-Jayne Peika included PSY’s “Gangnam Style”, Salt-N-Peppa’s “Push It” and Marilyn Monroe’s “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”. All the leavers also performed intricate choreography to Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us”.

Following this were the musical performances, again showcasing the talent at Macleans. A slew of award-winning acts appeared, including the choir, the barbershop chorus and quartet Dolce, and the various bands and orchestras. This then transitioned into the leavers’ ceremony where each leaver was given a Most Likely award, a certificate, and a rose. The audience could see the tight-knit nature of the Music department, for in-jokes were abundant, emotions were high and tears were shed.

The night ended on a high note, with the audience escorted out with improvised choreography to the cheesy, almost clichéd “We’re All In This Together” from High School Musical. No doubt everyone had a thoroughly good time throughout the night. It truly was a spectacular end to another great year for the music department at Macleans.

Article by Chris Yang. Article edited by Frank Zhou. Photos courtesy of Vanessa Yeung.

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