Perfect Picnic Day


The beautiful sunny conditions served as a backdrop to the annual Picnic Day competition. The whole of the junior school assembled on Monday 2 December, ready to compete for the final shield of the year. With activities ranging from basketball shooting to a steep muddy waterslide, the events proved challenging to each form class, requiring skill, team work and a lot of grit.

The House Executives for 2014 engaged in a challenge of their own, manning their barbecues to cook sausages for the ravenous juniors. Ice cream and canned drinks were also offered to compensate for the parching sun.

Each form class participated in the Tug-of-War held after lunch. The knock out competition sparked accusations of teacher interventions and uneven numbers as both staff and students rooted for their houses. Snell house even sported a drum and two banners!

The final results were as follows

Tug of War:
Year 9: 9SIK
Year 10: 10GUB

Picnic Day:
Year 9: 1st 9HUU; 2nd equal 9FTB and 9MMU
Year 10: 1st 10SGU; 2nd 10CPU; 3rd 10RSM

1401744_639594926082979_514398731_o 1405031_639590942750044_1417370997_o

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