Students Introduced to Co-Curriculars

As the school year begins to settle in, so does the sacrifice of early mornings and afternoons, as the 2014 co-curricular year emerges.


Approximately 500 new students filled the gymnasium, readily anticipating the hour-long crash course of everything Macleans College has to offer, at the annual Co-Curricular Expo held on Thursday, 20 February.

Of the countless co-curricular activities that run outside of school hours, 56 tasters featured for the students. From Rugby to Sheilah Winn, Aerobics to Robotics, and even Golf, it was impossible for individuals to stand back from one of the most involving and encouraging aspects of student life at the school.

Students were given the chance to speak to members of the 2014 Prefect team at every co-curricular stall. All received an encouraging introduction and welcome to the group of their choosing, and had the chance to ask any questions they had in mind.


Encouraging students to step outside their comfort zones and extend their skills and confidence is a major part of the co-curricular ethos within Macleans. Many took the first step; as school prefect, Georgia Hanley, noted, “Lots of boys showed interest in the cultural side of the school, which was really positive”.

In all, the day’s success proved a promising start to the co-curricular year and an optimistic outlook for the years to come.

For tips regarding co-curriculars, see this article written by current Head Boy, Keniel Yao: 

 Written by Brooke Jenner. Edited by Keniel Yao.

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