Intercultural Muster Appeals to All

The Intercultural Muster was once again a huge success! With the Intercultural Club now running for over 20 years, it’s exciting to see the Macleans Intercultural Club’s name still flying high. The groups all have diverse interests and wide appeal, and the gym was crowded with people signing up to various clubs just as we’d hoped.

The muster welcomed people from all groups, cliques and different year groups, varying from timid year 9’s who wanted to find their inner culture to year 13’s who want to explore more groups. Each leader had their own ethnic love and explained what was interesting about their club, and all the groups welcomed every type of person. Whether you were tall or short, Indian or Asian, it didn’t matter; in Chinese Club two Indian girls were holding the signs!

Many heads perked up as they heard names they were interested in, and the two new clubs got their anticipated response. Flags flew high and it didn’t matter who carried which flag – it only mattered that each sailed through the air. As the colours faded away and lunchtime came to an end, we had clusters of eager people approaching us and asking us when the time of meetings were and if they could join the club. These eager people are what brought smiles to the Intercultural leaders, and it really felt like a diverse cloud of students floating around the gym.

If you are reading this article and want to join these diverse groups, they are still open to sign up; we have 28 amazing groups – each with friendly and enthusiastic leaders so come along and see what attracts you.

I leave you with a quote, “It’s really important to share the idea that being different might feel like a problem at the time, but ultimately diversity is a strength.”- Carson Kressley

Written by Khorshed Tarapore. Edited by Helen Cao.

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