Prefects Race around Auckland

On Wednesday 19 March, the Macleans College Year 13 school prefects took to the streets of Auckland. Following clues, instructions and hints to complete challenges and navigate their way around the greater area, they maximised Auckland’s questionable transport system as well as their bodies to achieve the ultimate prize of coming first and winning some amazing trophies. The day began with the prefects separating into … Continue reading Prefects Race around Auckland

Success at the Greater Auckland Athletics

Macleans College is known for its strong and competitive Athletics team and this year has been no exception, with 20 first placings at the Eastern Zone competition, followed by another 11 placings at the Greater Auckland Championships. A team of students selected from the school Finals Day held at Lloyd Elsmore Park represented Macleans on March 7 at the Eastern Zone competition. From that event, … Continue reading Success at the Greater Auckland Athletics

First Batten Carnival A Hit

The inaugural Batten Carnival, an assortment of food stalls, fun and games, was an incredible success. On Friday the 14th of February, crowds of students headed to the amphitheatre to get a taste of the delicious food organized by ‘Battenites’. They offered a variety of stalls, ranging from candy floss, popcorn, and baked goodies to KFC, popsicles, drinks, and a sausage sizzle. There was also … Continue reading First Batten Carnival A Hit

Year 9 Camp A Blast

From the 25th to 28th of February, the Year 9s, their peer support leaders, and some of their teachers embarked on their customary initiation to Macleans College: Year 9 Camp. Though it is impossible to replicate the sentiment of this fun-filled week of bonding some of their experiences are recounted below. Rutherford Camp Batten Camp Snell Camp Rutherford Camp As a peer support leader for … Continue reading Year 9 Camp A Blast