Kapa Haka: The Trip of a Lifetime

On Thursday 6 March, 38 Kapa Haka kids left for a 5 hour journey up north to Paihia.  In our little groups, we sat through the long journey until we reached a cute little motel by Haruru Falls.  That night we played a game of “Go home, stay home 1,2,3” and learnt the names of the people in our group.

The next morning we woke up keen and excited for a ride on the MacAttack speed boat to the famous Hole in the Rock.  This voyage did not disappoint with the Taniwha of Cathedral Cave in a “hungry” mood!

We travelled to Russell from Paihia on the only Howick and Eastern Bus that  went that far north.  It was quite weird as we had to go on the bus, on a ferry, on the way to Russell!


Once we made it to the Te Rawhiti Marae, we were welcomed on to the grounds with a powhiri and then had to touch noses (hongi) with the three elders at the marae.  We spent two nights in the most incredible setting playing touch rugby, ninja, pukana, swimming at the beach and performing at our own little talent quest whilst also enjoying magnificent sunsets.  Amongst all the fun we had, we practised our Kapa Haka and learnt some new items.

Our journey back to Auckland was a loud one as everybody joined in on a song battle.  Thank-you so much to Mr Saunders, Whaea Smith and Dylan for organising such a memorable trip for us all – it was amazing!  We can’t wait for what this year has in store for the Macleans College Kapa Haka group of2014.

By Lianne Mellin. Edited by Keniel Yao.

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