Year 9 Camp A Blast

From the 25th to 28th of February, the Year 9s, their peer support leaders, and some of their teachers embarked on their customary initiation to Macleans College: Year 9 Camp. Though it is impossible to replicate the sentiment of this fun-filled week of bonding some of their experiences are recounted below.

Rutherford Camp

As a peer support leader for Rutherford house, I had the pleasure of going to Camp Adair with my peers, teachers and the new Rutherford year nines.

The experience was action packed, tiring, and highly enjoyable. We had our highs, in the adrenaline filled high rope activities and in the darkness of the Burma trail. We had our lows in our 6AM runs and 6 hour tramps. Through our time at camp, we have all bonded together as a group, and I have had the honour of seeing acquaintances become friends, and the development of a close-knit house spirit that I believe will carry on far beyond the four days we spent at camp.


We had broken the Rutherford record for amount of times down the waterslide with someone going down 18 times; we had boys who thought they had fallopian tubes; we had year nine romances; we had no cross dressing when it came to concert night, and we had a fantastic time getting to know each other and challenging ourselves and our comfort zones.

I’ve come back from camp exhausted, bruised, and covered in itchy bites. Time has seemed to fly by during my time at camp Adair, but when I look back, and I remember all of the memories that I have now created with everyone, I know that Rutherford has a bright future ahead of it, filled with an amazing group of young adults that will really contribute to making Rutherford, and Macleans College, a wonderful place to be.

By Wendy Li

Batten Camp

Fears were conquered, food was devoured, friendships were formed and fun had by all on the 2014 Batten House Camp.

On the morning of Tuesday 24th February, a group of 60 eager and enthusiastic year 9 students arrived at the gates of Camp Ngaruawahia. However, smiles soon vanished at the realisation of what lay ahead- a four hour hike in the heat of the day up the side of a mountain. Nevertheless, the group stayed surprisingly positive and we were rewarded by splendid views over Waikato at the top.

The next few days brought adventure and challenges in the form of a mud slide, flying fox, paintball, raft building, field games, and kayaking, not to mention an epic Amazing Race. The tradition of Hawaiian Night was continued, along with the limbo and hula contest, which was followed by a visit to see the “glow worms”. Little did the new Battenites know that their twelve Peer Support leaders sat waiting in the bush, armed with hundreds of water balloons and buckets- ready for the “initiation” to Batten House. The fun continued at Skit Night where we were both astounded and entertained at the vast array of up and coming talent.


As the camp wrapped up the following morning, we reflected back on what had been a terrific four days. Personal highlights varied, from the delicious food to getting soaked on the Burma trail, and of course, having a heap of fun getting to know each other better and forming friendships that are sure to last throughout our time here at Macleans.

By Annaliese Wheeler

Snell Camp

What can happen in 4 days with 12 camp leaders, 4 teachers and a buzzing bunch of Year 9s from Snell? Too much to say really- but let me sum it up for you! Rock climbing was our first, hard-hitting and sweat-demanding activity where we were able to feel our first rush of accomplishment (that, and then lunch.) With no delay after, we headed off to Motu Moana Scout Camp at Greenbay. The following 3 days were no easy task; there were a wide spread of activities to do at camp. Highlights include Shooting, Abseiling and everybody’s favourite  morning runs! During the nights, at Bunker Hill and the Burma Trail, 12 fairies hidden in the bushes generously showered the Year 9s with flour and 2 tubs of water balloons!


The days came quickly, and before we knew it, the inevitable Skit Night came. We discovered the hidden talents from many young Snellians, but most importantly, we got to laugh with them. Activities and events aside, the goal of the camp was well met- to welcome the year 9’s and to reinforce a sense of what it means to be in a “Whanau”. The camp has been an unforgettable experience for everyone, and a strong foundation has been set for the future of Snell. Snell will continue to bathe in shining glory! Kidding, we’re not like that. But Camp and the Year 9s are awesome!

By Cherry Chu

Edited by Keniel Yao.

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