First Batten Carnival A Hit

The inaugural Batten Carnival, an assortment of food stalls, fun and games, was an incredible success.

On Friday the 14th of February, crowds of students headed to the amphitheatre to get a taste of the delicious food organized by ‘Battenites’. They offered a variety of stalls, ranging from candy floss, popcorn, and baked goodies to KFC, popsicles, drinks, and a sausage sizzle.

There was also a raffle, with the top prize including an iPod shuffle and a helicopter ride!

Despite the mouthwatering food, the highlight of the event would have to have been the bumper-balls. The high-energy activity involved strapping yourself into a ‘zorb-like’ ball and literally rolling around, bumping into those around you. This adrenaline packed game was a huge hit with everyone, definitely an exciting change from the usual field sports.

All in all, the afternoon was an enjoyable and relaxing one. Batten raised approximately $1500 and all proceedings are to be donated to their house charity, the Westpac Rescue Helicopter.

A huge thank you to all of those who helped co-ordinate and run the afternoon, it was a wonderful way to end the week.


By Arya Harilal. Edited by  Keniel Yao.

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