Prefects Race around Auckland

On Wednesday 19 March, the Macleans College Year 13 school prefects took to the streets of Auckland. Following clues, instructions and hints to complete challenges and navigate their way around the greater area, they maximised Auckland’s questionable transport system as well as their bodies to achieve the ultimate prize of coming first and winning some amazing trophies.

The day began with the prefects separating into ten groups of six, each with a set amount of money. Upon arrival at the Auckland Museum, they were split up with the instruction: Make your way to the Avondale Spider statue. This instantly created a tense and competitive atmosphere in which nobody knew who had selected the best means of public transport to get to their first location. Some chose trains, some chose buses. Either way, all groups eventually arrived at the first challenge, though some a good hour or two later.

Group 1 Photo

Once there, groups were instructed to look for a horse who may have run on the nearby Avondale racetrack. This event well and truly split groups apart as some teams had finished the challenge before other teams had even arrived at the spider statue. Some groups struggled to find the horse, searching fruitlessly around the grounds as it was on the far side of the track, and was a soft toy! After taking a photo with the toy horse, the prefects could move on.

Again students had to make their way to a different area in Auckland in any way possible, and make their way to a mystery store where the next set of instructions could be found. They then had to find a beach at which two team members had to get around a buoy that was located a hundred meters or so out in the water. They could do so through a number of means: kayak, paddle board or boogie board. Understandably, the majority of groups used the kayak for maximum efficiency.


Following the previous challenge, the teams then had to locate a nearby reserve about a fifteen minute walk away from the beach. Upon arrival they were instructed have their entire team hanging on a wire that was precariously high. Given one prop, being a rope, the teams had to create innovative methods of retrieving the rope and pulling the wire down so that the group could all hang from it and gain their pictorial evidence.

After this, once again they were made to use public transport to find their way to MOTAT and ride the tram around the complex. Upon completion of this task, they were then sent to a coffee shop about twenty minutes walk (or a far shorter bus ride) away and were instructed to make a coffee. Group 4 benefited from having a barista who won the judge over with a lovely beverage.

Group 10 Amazing Race

Once this task was complete, they then had to make their way to the grounds near the museum again, and get some photographs with local native NZ plant life. This was the final task, and the Amazing race was completed when the students arrived back to Mr Lonergan with their pictures, leftover money and team. The day ended with group 1 taking the prize.

All the prefect groups needed to take a creative photo with the best group gaining an additional 20 points! A selection of the photos are shown in the article.

Written by Matthew Martel. Edited by Keniel Yao.

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