Support for Youth

Youth Week has just finished. For the News Committee, as teenagers, we feel that it is equally important for us to celebrate our achievements and to support each other when we need it. Thus, we have compiled a few resources that you may find useful now, or in the future.  Free Support Phone Lines (New Zealand) Youth Line Youth line is a support line for young people facing problems. … Continue reading Support for Youth

Failure isn’t all that bad

At Macleans, we are constantly associated with success, as we celebrate it often and it is something we strive to achieve. And therefore we see failure in a negative light, purely due to it being the opposite of where we wish to head. This should not be the case. Of course nobody enjoys failure, but it shouldn’t always be considered a bad thing. Failure should … Continue reading Failure isn’t all that bad

Youth Week #5: Leadership

“The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.” Sound familiar? We’ve all heard it at some stage, that cliché phrase being tossed about by members of the older generation, trying to inspire or perhaps intimidate us. Sure, someday we will be the Prime Ministers, CEOs, school principals and other titled leaders of society, but while leadership comes naturally to some, others find the prospect … Continue reading Youth Week #5: Leadership

Youth Declaration 2014

      From the 23rd to the 26th of April, 200 high school students attended a national event, a coming together of the youth of Aotearoa. ‘Youth Declaration 2014’ was held at Auckland University; the lecture theaters provided us with the perfect platform from which we were able to debate, convey our thoughts and voice our opinions. We were introduced to a diverse range … Continue reading Youth Declaration 2014

Rule 32: Enjoy the Little Things

It doesn’t just apply to surviving the zombie apocalypse; sometimes, each one of us needs to step back from life and find something to enjoy. Everyday life is full of big pressures: exams, sports,girls, so each and every one of us deals with stress constantly. Like Tallahassee eating a Twinkie, look at your life and find something small in your life that makes everything worth … Continue reading Rule 32: Enjoy the Little Things