Rule 32: Enjoy the Little Things

It doesn’t just apply to surviving the zombie apocalypse; sometimes, each one of us needs to step back from life and find something to enjoy. Everyday life is full of big pressures: exams, sports,girls, so each and every one of us deals with stress constantly. Like Tallahassee eating a Twinkie, look at your life and find something small in your life that makes everything worth it. For me, it’s the first breath taken through a regulator at the start of a dive. Whenever it all feels like too much, just think about that tiny moment that makes life worth living and suddenly it all doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

Most importantly, focus on these little things, NOT on the big things in life. Enjoy a good movie, great food and fantastic friends because, whilst it sounds like a worthless sentiment, they truly make life worth living.

By Adam Berry.

P.S. While we do support enjoying the little thing in life, we do not endorse destroying school resources ;)

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