Beyond Graduation

In life, all of us eventually get to a stage where we have to make extreme decisions that will ultimately mould our futures. These decisions can put an immense amount of pressure on us. The main example that affects most of us is graduating high school, being spit out into the big, wide, scary world and trying to decide what to do next.

The majority of high-school graduates go to university, study a course which we hopefully have a considerable amount of interest in and then hope for all the right pieces of our life to magically fall into place. Some of us want to take a break from responsibilities and explore the world anew. Some of us want to go and start earning an income straight away knowing the critical role money will hold in our lives and then there are those who have no clue with what to do past graduation day.

Which category do you fall under? Life starts sounding more and more terrifying as you become more and more independent and in fact, it honestly is. However, we as human beings have an incredible power which lets us eliminate that fear with the help of simple aspects, such as organisation, hard-work, kindness, love, and charity. We have the ability to use these powers not only for our advantage but to help and benefit others. It’s up to us to decide how we use them!

These foundational ideas that every person is born with will not tell you where to go in the future but help to prepare you for anything that life throws at you. So, keep your head up high- it’s hard to make these decisions but you will get through, one step at a time. When you’re feeling down or when you’ve had a bad day, just start by smiling, being kind and working hard – and nothing can stop you.

By Idam Sondhi. Edited by Varya Pavlova.

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