Youth Week #2: Creativity

Not just art. I assume that most think ‘Creativity’ and make the connection to Art right away. Perhaps a 15th century painting of a naked lady looking sad at something might pop up in your head. It’s true that creativity is mostly found in art, but I hope to broaden your perspective on it by shining some light in the other areas it contributes to, and show the impact it has on our lives.

Wikipedia: “Creativity is a phenomenon”. How often do you regard something as a phenomenon? The word phenomenon, says quite a bit already–perhaps philosophically, however it’s depths are a bit too deep for what my little mind can comprehend late at 1AM, so we’ll borrow the dictionary definition instead- “creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas”. Creativity requires a lot of thinking and brainwork; lots of tiny little thoughts arranging themselves until that eureka moment, when you suddenly get a new idea. A new scientific theory? A new solution to a problem? A new design for a tissue box? Creativity is there.

Even in the practicality of science. How else did we get kinetic, gravitational or evolution theory? By coming up with new ideas. Using Darwin as an example, he detached himself from the popular belief of God. He investigated and proved his evolution ideas to bring us this new theory, which serves as an excellent platform from where we can understand our past. All this, just from one curious, original and creative thought. Creativity broadens our perception of the world and we learn more because of it. 

This brings us to wonder how we can be creative ourselves, potentially having an impact on the world as ambitious youthful people. Creativity is quite spontaneous, however there are ways to widen your creative limits. For me, creativity goes along well with inspiration. If you take art, you may be familiar with ‘artist model research’. If not, it’s similar to going through Tumblr admiring the slightly transparent photographs of smoke/skinny girls/interiors. Seeing the brilliance of other people sparks something within you to do something amazing yourself, which makes you think and set some standards. It takes a collection of inspiration to form an original idea. (Otherwise, that would just be copying).

However, creativity does come from the pure individuality of oneself. This is going to be cheesy- but there is only one ‘you’, so, everyone has the potential to be creative and completely groundbreaking. Sure, you might not feel the need to be creative, however it does open doors for learning and new experiences/opportunities. Creativity allows us to experience more, see more and think more which adds to our life learning process, which is fundamental if we want to grow as a person. Be original to be creative and to be original, ask yourself this: “What hasn’t been done yet?”

 Written by: Cherry Chu Edited: Saffron Huang

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