Youth Week #3: Diversity

Humans have numerous and different stages of life. Birth is where we all start at, when we could pass as twins with the infant next door. As we age slowly into toddlers, we are taught and raised by our parents in diverse ways – we are exposed to some aspects of life that other people aren’t. This is where we start to develop diversity and unknowingly start travelling the unbeaten track of becoming ‘ourselves’. 

At the magical age of around 5, we start education at its primary level – kindergarten – if we’re fortunate enough to have access to any form of education. We’re exposed to various ideas, beliefs, attitudes, knowledge and equipment and here we meet other human beings. All of this new and strange information bombards us, as we know very little. We form bonds with some people and start to call them our friends through experiences and memories. We learn different emotions and how to express them, like joy through laughter or sadness through tears. We grow up.

 At this stage we are already completely diverse and will start to have different relations with people because we are not the same. Gradually we continue growing and start thinking for ourselves as we transition into intermediate school and later on to college—an infamous stage of life. At the teenager age we truly spread and drift apart in different directions, guided by everything that makes us up. We will have disagreements and develop strong negative feelings for others because of our diversity. We physically become different too – we grow, expand, and our bones all join up together. When we finally hit the double decades, we will still be different in every way – height, weight, knowledge, morals, thoughts, dreams and personalities.

Diversity is the way of nature- no two fingerprints are the same, all flowers have some sort of imperfection and while society encourages us to blend into a stereotypical mould of the perfect human being, we should embrace our variety because that’s what makes everyone so interesting. Life in all ways is a different blend of vivid colours and patterns and without diversity, in a ‘perfectly’ planned world, we would all be the same and we would just exist instead of living.

Be the change in the tide of society. While everyone else is scared of not conforming to specific measurements, physical and mental, just be the best version of yourself; embrace every aspect that makes you, you. Diversity is what makes life called life, rather than existence.


Written by: Varya Pavlova Edited: Saffron Huang

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