Youth Week #4: Bullying

You’re either called smart or a geek, amazing or weird. Whenever someone called me hurtful words my dad always told me: “Sticks and stones may break your bones but words can never hurt you”. But in all honesty, I’ve always had those discriminatory words stuck in my head, and I swear they will always haunt me. But a few weeks ago someone told me to use these words to my advantage. Being called a geek means the same as being called smart. And being called weird is unique and fun—at least you have your own quirk and I am sure there will be someone out there who will only love you for this! These words are what separate you from everyone else and the things that make you shine.

Bullying happens to everyone. I am sure that you have bullied someone at one stage or been bullied by someone else. Throughout your college years, getting bullied can really get into your head and it may bring you down—maybe even into depression, but don’t ever let this happen! ‘Popular’ girls and guys at one stage of their life have been bullied as well, and the way you deal with bullying is the main thing. Here are some helpful tips on how to handle bullies:

  1. Sometimes asking the bully what is happening in their life can help a lot, maybe the bully is going through hard times and all they want is someone to talk to.
  2. If it’s getting severe you need to talk to a parent, caregiver or teacher. If you don’t want to talk to a teacher than maybe talk to your friend and maybe they can help you.
  3. You can talk to Youthline, they are extremely helpful and have been trained to talk to youth going through any issues. Their number is 0800-YOUTHLINE. Alternatively you can speak to a counselor or the SAS, who are always extremely nice.

If you are down in the blues always remember that you are the best you can ever be. Don’t let someone else’s words get to you! All these nasty words and phrases are taking up space in your brain and not leaving space for the real you, or for your individuality or uniqueness!!

Written by: Khorshed Tarapore Edited: Saffron Huang

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