Entering the Dragon’s Den

On Monday 9 June, two teams from Macleans attended the Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme South Regional Dragons Den took place. These placings were based on the preliminary round of the Dragons Den. The two teams representing Macleans were TutorLink who are offering an online tutor database and Tick Tock who have created a clock which aids those learning how to tell the time. Both … Continue reading Entering the Dragon’s Den

Shakespeare in Wellington

“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women are merely players.” Over the Queen’s Birthday weekend, six Macleans students attended the Shakespeare Globe NZ National Festival in Wellington. The cast consisted of Praharsh Bahl, Joshua Bruce, Abhishek Chawla, Aditi Gorasia, Arya Harilal and Christine Shao. The students won the 15 minute award at the South Auckland regional festival and as a result, … Continue reading Shakespeare in Wellington

Black Friday Fever

Black Friday, a sinister and infamous day for unfortunate events. However, there is always a positive side to things, and Snell House reinforces this idea a lot. On Friday 13 June, the students of Snell prepared for a large celebration in dedication to the house colour. Instead of superstitiously being aware of any bad omens or actions, the students of Snell brought in piles of food … Continue reading Black Friday Fever

Service Opportunities

We believe that as students and members of our community, it’s very important to give back to those who may be in need of help, or to work together to improve aspects of our society. There are so many opportunities available to do this! Here are some service and/or non-governmental organizations which are worth getting involved in: St John - http://www.stjohn.org.nz/Contact-us/  Category: Healthcare What you can … Continue reading Service Opportunities

Interview: Danon at Cheerleading Worlds

Lianne Mellin interviews Danon Driscoll, a year 13 Batten student, about her time at Cheerleading Worlds. Lianne: So you have just had an incredible cheerleading experience! Where did you go and what did you have to do? Danon: I went to Florida for 16 days to compete in the Cheerleading Worlds. Before Worlds, we attended a competition called Cheerleading of America (COA) where we placed … Continue reading Interview: Danon at Cheerleading Worlds

MASH Week 2014

It’s MASH Week this week. Keniel Yao runs us through what it’s all about, and why it matters. MASH stands for Mediators Against Student Harassment. It’s essentially a campaign to promote a healthy and thriving culture in schools, to make them places where students can really learn, grow, and discover themselves –which is really what school is all about! This year, the theme is Be … Continue reading MASH Week 2014

Smile –You’re Making a Difference

When I think of the biggest change-makers in the world, so often I gravitate towards men like Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King Jr. They set the standards of modern leadership: charismatic, value-based, determined. But when I look around me, I see so many taking their lives into their own hands, taking one painful step forward at a time –people who might not … Continue reading Smile –You’re Making a Difference