MASH Week 2014

It’s MASH Week this week. Keniel Yao runs us through what it’s all about, and why it matters.

MASH stands for Mediators Against Student Harassment. It’s essentially a campaign to promote a healthy and thriving culture in schools, to make them places where students can really learn, grow, and discover themselves –which is really what school is all about! This year, the theme is Be the Change, so I’ll share a few thoughts on that.

I like to think of human interactions as horcruxes. Every time you talk or ignore someone, smile or frown, a bit of you is embedded into them –irreversibly. The universe is an inextricably connected world. We make a difference, every moment of the day, to everyone. It isn’t a choice. The way we see the world affects the way others see it.


“Be the Change” is a question of our whole ethos, essence and existence. It demands us to understand who we are so that we can comprehend the change we are making, here and now. The phrase yells “What makes you feel most alive? What motivates you? What are you willing to die for? What are you willing to live for? Why are we living? How are we living?” The little moments and the big questions define our lives.

Never forget that it is our lives, not yours, not mine. One never fully owns anything. In a sense, it’s impossible for me or you to be the change. The state of “being” goes beyond ourselves. Being is understanding the world around us: What makes us who we are? Why do we go through what we go through? Why is there pain, poverty and prosperity? Find what resonates both you and the world around you, and seek an answer. Be your big question.

Finally, “Be the Change” means appreciating those who have shaped you into who you are. The whanau, friends, community, environment and your responses to them have all shaped you into who you are, and will guide you along your quest. Life is a journey –when the going gets tough, never forget to take some time out to admire the view.

Throughout this week, think about who you are, and what that actually means. What’s your big question? Thank those people who have shaped you, continue to connect with those who will. Remember that you make a difference –it’s only a matter of why.

Events this week:

Wednesday: Prefect Auction in the gym at lunch. Stage Challenge Fundraising Concert 7pm in the Auditorium.
Thursday: Mufti day. Spelling Bee Finals 7pm.
Friday -“Be the Change” Event in the amphitheatre -food, games, opportunities and more! Dangerous Boys’ Art Exhibition after school.

Thank you notes -there are also coloured boxes in each of the houses where you can write a note to thank and encourage a friend, teacher, or inspiring person. They will be delivered throughout this week, so make the most of this opportunity!

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