Service Opportunities

We believe that as students and members of our community, it’s very important to give back to those who may be in need of help, or to work together to improve aspects of our society. There are so many opportunities available to do this!

Here are some service and/or non-governmental organizations which are worth getting involved in:

St John - 
Category: Healthcare
What you can do: Be a friendly caller, or get involved in one off volunteer activities e.g. teaching older generation how to use phones; Youth group leader/trainer.

Category: Children’s rights and humanitarian aid
What you can do: Attend the Youth Congress conference, get involved in the Live Below the Line campaign or the Youth Ambassadors programme.

P3 Foundation -
Category: Campaigns to resolve extreme poverty in the Asia/Pacific region
What you can do: The SEED programme which is an educational + skills workshops related to global issues and leadership/advocacy. Also there is the World Changer’s Conference, SEED Competition (Social Enterprise based on problems faced by NGO’s), and Pay Fair Trade Forward (a social experiment which raises awareness around ethical consumerism and fair trade).

Amnesty International -
Category: Human rights
What you can do: Get involved in their many activities such as the Write4Rights campaign, Freedom Week, the Stop Violence Against Women Campaign, as well as events/conferences throughout the year such as the Human Rights Defenders Awards,

Category: Animal welfare
What you can do: There are many volunteer opportunities eg. looking after animals at the local centre; volunteering at the Howick SPCA secondhand store. You can also get involved in general fundraising.

Shine -
Category: Domestic abuse
What you can do: You can help raise funds or get involved in their “student tours” where you will be taught about the charity. Also, there are opportunities to sit in on the lectures that Shine gives to doctors about how to deal with victims. Furthermore there are workshops where you can learn how to help those who have dealt with domestic abuse.

Save the Children -
Category: Children’s welfare
What you can do: Help raise funds, volunteer at fund shops or in other areas of their campaigns, become a child and youth council member where you can do things such as attend conferences in relation to the issues they are working on.

Twinkle Child Foundation -
Category: Children’s health
What you can do: Volunteer to help with various collections and events supporting New Zealand healthcare facilities.

NZ Red Cross -
Category: Almost everything!
What you can do: Save A Mate – assist young people to make informed choices about their alcohol and other drug use. You can also receive first aid training.

Trade Aid -
Category: Fair trade and alleviating poverty
What you can do: Volunteer at one of their stores–the closest is in Sylvia Park.

TEAR Fund -
Category: Poverty, human rights
What you can do: Get involved in microenterprising, child sponsorship, and community development. You can help at TEAR Fund events and become an advocate.

Kidsline -–Buddy_339.aspx
Category: Kids counselling helpline
What you can do: Be a Kidsline buddy and apply for their annual intake of Year 12 and 13 students for training

Big Brothers Big Sisters -
Category: Children’s welfare
What you can do: Write letters and maintain contact with kids in poverty and/or trauma ridden countries

Heart Foundation NZ -
Category: Health
What you can do: Fundraise, or spread knowledge about healthcare and other issues in schools

Youthlaw -
Category: Law services for underage youth
What you can do: Get involved in their youth board, or in counselling

Generation Zero -
Category: Environmental change
What you can do: Get involved with their campaigns, events and fundraisers

At Macleans we also have a number of service clubs, which are really accessible and a great way to contribute to a good cause.

Interact Club-They hold many different events through the year such as bake sales for Starship, selling fish for Cystic Fibrosis, etc. To get involved, keep an eye on the daily notices for their monthly meetings.

Leos (Young Lions) Club- Students get into groups of 3-8 and organise an event to raise money for a charity they have chosen themselves. They have meetings in the library study room, Monday afternoon.


By: Saffron Huang.

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