Black Friday Fever

Black Friday, a sinister and infamous day for unfortunate events. However, there is always a positive side to things, and Snell House reinforces this idea a lot.

On Friday 13 June, the students of Snell prepared for a large celebration in dedication to the house colour. Instead of superstitiously being aware of any bad omens or actions, the students of Snell brought in piles of food (imagine a bag of chips/cookies from over 300 students, packed in the somewhat messy office of a single House Leader) in the morning for a grand, house shared lunch.

Co-ordination and organisation had been involved of course- every year group was to specialize either sweet or savoury to balance out the taste. Inevitably, however, everything brought would’ve concerned any diabetic/heart-disease clinic.

Despite the heavy co-ordination and organisation involved (every year group was to specialise either in sweet or savoury to balance out the taste), we, to no one’s regret, forgot about health. All the food there definitely would have concerned the heart-disease clinic.

School assembly and Period 3 seemed to drag on for longer than usual but before long the students of the house was greeted by a delightful feast of chips, cookies, chips, cake, chips, biscuits, chips, baked goodies aaaaaaand chips- no hesitation or mercy was spared to pack the stomachs with as much chips- I mean, food, as possible.

Stop and imagine the mess that a whole House celebration causes! However the clean-up was efficient with 2 vacuum cleaners and plenty of willing helpers, and soon everything was back to normal before any of the other Houses got jealous.

Despite the superstitious day, Snell spirit continues to live on within the enthusiasm of the students and teachers and this is what a Whanau House is about.

By Cherry Chu.

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