Knitting for Africa

Knitting for Africa is a new group which started two years ago in Macleans College. Knitting isn’t only for grandmas –at this club, we knit for the good of others and we make knitting cool, fun and enjoyable. The greatest thing about this group is anyone can join: it doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl, or have never knitted before. Come to our lunchtime club and we will teach you!

Knitting for Africa is Ms Muir’s  (Mansfield) brainchild. She started when she found out about orphans in Africa who were freezing at night. These children have nothing to keep themselves warm, and many are malnourished. We knit little 20cm by 20cm squares and send them off to a company which stitches them all together and makes them into quilts. When the quilts are finished, they are sent to the orphans in Africa. The smiles seen on their faces makes everything –even being stabbed with a knitting needle –totally worth it!

Over the years, this club has been a huge success, but we want more and more people to knit for us. In 2012, we made enough squares to make over 12 blankets, and in 2013 enough to make 13. Now, in 2014, we want to make many more, and we need your support to make our goal come true. So come along on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes to experience the fun of knitting and chatting to your friend. The club is extremely social –chatting and knitting is very easy! You don’t have to come to all the meetings, so just attend when you are free. If you cannot make any of the lunchtimes, you have the additional option of knitting at home and bringing in the squares!

All you need are: a pair of knitting needles, which can be bought from the salvation army for 50 cents; wool which Ms Muir can provide; and a group of amazing friends OR an amazing movie to watch while knitting.

For more information, please talk to Ms Muir in L4 –she has many knitting needles and wool, and is able to teach anyone. Come along if you want to make a difference for somebody else –we will teach you with a smile on our faces if you don’t know how!

Also, the club does need wool donations, so if you see any wool around your own home that isn’t being used, please bring them in to help support this cause.

By Khorshed Tarapore. Edited by Keniel Yao.

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