Entering the Dragon’s Den

On Monday 9 June, two teams from Macleans attended the Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme South Regional Dragons Den took place. These placings were based on the preliminary round of the Dragons Den. The two teams representing Macleans were TutorLink who are offering an online tutor database and Tick Tock who have created a clock which aids those learning how to tell the time. Both were two of the more original ideas presented.

Each team had to make a 5 minute presentation, covering every aspect of the business briefly in order to impress the judges. Tick Tock gave the first pitch of the day, while Tutorlink were the sixth presentation. All the teams were provided with a free lunch after the morning session.

Dragons Den

During the afternoon session, the remainder of the 15 teams gave their presentations. The high quality of the pitches from Macleans resulted in Tick Tock placing a very commendable 3rd, especially as the Auckland South Region is considered the toughest region in the Young Enterprise Scheme.

Both teams have taken on board to the valuable advice from the four judges to improve the quality of their ideas. Despite neither team getting the desired first place, both can be extremely proud of all the time and effort put in to form their businesses up to this point. Both TutorLink and Tick Tock would like to thank Mrs Carter, whose hard work has helped to get both teams to where they currently are.

By Harry Stead. Edited by Keniel Yao.

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