Interview: Lucy Peters for Hip-Hop Worlds

Keniel Yao interviews Lucy Peters, the Hillary Cultural Captain, about her upcoming trip to the World Hip-hop International Dance Championships

Keniel: So what exactly are you attending?

Lucy: We are going to the World Hip-hop international dance championships held in Las Vegas, where crews from all around the world meet to compete in our equivalent of the Olympics!

Keniel: Is this the competition that Parris Goebbels was part of?

Lucy: Yes, this is the competition New Zealand has really made an impact in before. Parris gets heavily involved at HHI –she will be holding workshops over there and a showcase piece.

Keniel: So how did you get involved in Hip hop? What’s the commitment like?

Lucy: I’ve been doing Hip hop for many years but I got into my dance crew, Alias, via a workshop-based audition at the beginning of the year. I’m dancing non-stop at the moment as not only is my adults crew (Alias) heading over to HHI, I’m also competing in ID Co’s mega crew. I have practices after school every day for about 4 hours and day-long weekend practices.

Alias Crew

Keniel: Wow, so how do you balance this commitment with school, friends and family?

Lucy: I’m not going to say it’s easy because it’s really not. I just have to plan ahead, stay focused on my goals and not be afraid to ask for help when I need it.

Keniel: So why dance? What makes it so attractive to you?

Lucy: I’ve been dancing since day one pretty much! Started off in jazz when I was 3, then did some tap, and then really started getting into my Hip hop. It has always just been a passion for me: a way to get my mind off things and a way to express myself. I don’t know, it’s just really second nature for me now.

Keniel: How can we see you perform?

Lucy: We’ll be holding fundraising concerts on the 18th and 19th of July! They feature a wide variety of dances by members of ID co, with performances by Alias and Identity throughout. If anyone wants tickets, they can contact me directly via Facebook or email me on Tickets are $20 each.

If people can’t make the shows but still want to help us out and donate (every cent counts), here’s our Give a Little page:

ID co is a company recently founded, comprised of many New Zealand’s top Hip hop dance crews such as Alias and Identity. If you want to follow them on their journey, give them a like on their Facebook page, Alias Dance Crew

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