Hillary Fun Day

On Thursday the 31st of July, Hillary House hosted their annual “Fun Day”. Despite the cold spells that were experienced earlier in the week, the weather was perfect for an enjoyable lunchtime fair.  Hillary students worked hard in the weeks prior to the big event, busily organising themselves into groups so that they could work together to create stalls. Senior students developed games and interactive … Continue reading Hillary Fun Day

Aerobics Nationals

On Sunday August 3rd the Macleans College Aerobics team represented the school at the National Secondary Schools Championship. The team competed at the Auckland Secondary Schools competition earlier this year and have once again come home with an array of medals to show for their hard work and dedication. Ex-senior athlete and Step 6 coach, Natasha Moore, commented “It’s really rewarding watching all the hard … Continue reading Aerobics Nationals

Musical Showcase

The Macleans College Musical Showcase 2014 took place yesterday in the Auckland Town Hall, and it was truly extravagant. With over 10 different groups performing, there was huge variety in the pieces. The audience loved every minute of the show, with loud applauses after every performance. The night was full of musical talent –the soloists were right on point and the group performances were equally amazing. … Continue reading Musical Showcase