Musical Showcase

The Macleans College Musical Showcase 2014 took place yesterday in the Auckland Town Hall, and it was truly extravagant. With over 10 different groups performing, there was huge variety in the pieces.

The audience loved every minute of the show, with loud applauses after every performance. The night was full of musical talent –the soloists were right on point and the group performances were equally amazing. We got to experience the cast of the musical “The Mikado” perform their memorable songs, who performed with enthusiasm and great stage presence.

The performances also included Stage Challenge, which truly was a treat for the audience as they were dramatic, the dancing was excellent, and the ending was just marvellous. But that was not all that was in store for the audience, we also got to see the winning Small House Choir performance from Rutherford, which was performed beautifully once again. The Finale piece (which included the choirs and the Orchestra) was “American Trilogy” and tied it off superbly. It was the perfect way to spend a Monday night, especially as 80% of the proceeds from ticket sales go towards the Starship Foundation.

Performances included: Kapa Haka, Symphony Orchestra, Senior Concert Band, College Choir, Girls’ Barbershop, “The Mikado” pieces, Stage Challenge and selected soloists.

Written by: Khorshed Tarapore    Edited by: Saffron Huang

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