Aerobics Nationals

On Sunday August 3rd the Macleans College Aerobics team represented the school at the National Secondary Schools Championship. The team competed at the Auckland Secondary Schools competition earlier this year and have once again come home with an array of medals to show for their hard work and dedication.

Ex-senior athlete and Step 6 coach, Natasha Moore, commented “It’s really rewarding watching all the hard work pay off!” The team of over 50 have been training 2-3 times a week since February, doing fitness trainings and perfecting routines.

Great results were achieved across the board, with an overall total of 28 medals being awarded. Senior athlete, Melissa Bather, who placed 1st in the Step 8 individual competition, stated that “All of the early morning trainings are worth it when you’re having fun performing!”

The results are as follows:

Step 4 Individual 10-14yrs
1st Place- Katie Fletcher

Step 6 Individual 10-14yrs
1st Place- Emma Stevenson
2nd Place- Danielle Reynolds
3rd Place- Ella Voykovich

Step 6 Individual 15-18yrs
1st Place- Sarah Hillier
2nd Place- Elizabeth Wong

Step 7 Individual
2nd Place- Bianca Lam

Step 8 Individual
1st Place- Melissa Bather
2nd Place- Delnaz Patrawala
3rd Place- Annaliese Wheeler

Step 9 Individual
1st Place- Danon Driscoll

ADP 4 Individual
1st Place- Bronte Croad (second top score whole competition)

ADP 5 Individual
1st Place- Elizabeth Main (top score whole competition)

Step 4 Pairs
2nd Place- Macimpact: Christine Huh, Varya Pavlov
3rd Place- Macadames: Ishani Mathur, Kayomi Patrawala

Step 6 Pairs
1st Place- Maccapacca: Litia Strickland, Danielle Reynolds
2nd Place- Maccas: Aimie Ma, Ella Voykovich

Step 8 Pairs
1st Place- Baby Macs: Delnaz Patrawala, Bianca Lam
2nd Place- Macaroni: Melissa Bather, Annaliese Wheeler
3rd Place- Dynamac: Katherine Somervell, Demi Viljoen

Step 4 Teams
1st Place- Macsfactor: Olivia Steward, Katie Fletcher, Mia Kelly
2nd Place- Macpac: Madison Martin, Madison Walsh, Hinetea Jones
3rd Place- Macababes: Nuch Srisa-an, Ann Adia, Keziah Dee

Step 6 Teams
1st Place- Macattack: Sarah Hillier, Elizabeth Wong, Emma Stevenson
2nd Place- Immaculate: Sweksha Misra, Angelica Santos, Charity Gu
3rd Place- Megamacs: Francesca Sewell, Emily Hillier, Ella Macleod

ADP 4 Teams
Macleans College- Victoria Goodman, Bronte Croad, Aleesha De Jong

Katherine Somervell, also a senior athlete who placed 4th in the National Step 8 competition and 3rd in her pair, testified to the team’s sportsmanship as she commented “Cheering for everyone creates a great family vibe within the team”.

The team would like to thank all of the wonderful coaches who willingly gave of their time and expertise to achieve these amazing results. Also, a huge thank you to the teachers involved; Mrs Bass, Ms. Durbin and Mrs Bennett, all of whom have encouraged, supported and motivated the team to do their very best.

Written By: Annaliese Wheeler   

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