Hillary Fun Day

On Thursday the 31st of July, Hillary House hosted their annual “Fun Day”. Despite the cold spells that were experienced earlier in the week, the weather was perfect for an enjoyable lunchtime fair. 

Hillary students worked hard in the weeks prior to the big event, busily organising themselves into groups so that they could work together to create stalls. Senior students developed games and interactive activities; the “Sponge Toss” and “Target Dunking“ were a big hit. The juniors brought in food and drinks to sell; a particular favourite was the home baked goodies, not to mention the pizza and burgers.

Despite Hillary being in X-Block at the moment, it was great that there was such a large turnout of students. It was wonderful to see everyone participating, including the teachers.

Hillary House raised $1250 in total and all proceeds will be going to their House Charity, ‘The Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation”.

All in all, it was an incredibly entertaining afternoon. Laughs were shared, buckets were tipped and fun was had. 

Written by: Arya Harilal     Edited by: Saffron Huang

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